Friday, January 19, 2018
A new and unique way to explore a city

A new and unique way to explore a city

Visiting a new city for the first time can be a daunting experience. You’ve spent a lot of money getting there and you want to get the most out of your trip. You might only have a few days to see everything and of course you want to see the real city, but more often than not you fall into the same tourist traps that you would avoid at home.

These days there are plenty of methods these days of getting the most out of a new city: there is a plethora of review and events sites around, such as TripAdvisor, you can spend weeks researching the best places to visit and where to avoid.

But who has the time to invest in this kind of research? We all want to enjoy the feeling of a quick getaway and if you spend months worrying about it, then the spontaneity goes out the window!

However some innovative companies have designed some brilliant ways to help you explore a city, without feeling under pressure or like you’ve missed out. HiddenCity designs treasure hunts which lead you through a city by solving clues. The clues are texted to you and you look around you to solve them and then text back your answer.

The tours can lead you into areas you wouldn’t normally find, and draw your attention to monuments and buildings you might normally miss. The clues can lead you into shops, cafes or bars and give you a break and an offer: a free drink, money off food and a sit down.

These HiddenCity tours can be completed as a team or on your own and they vary in the areas they cover and the subjects. For example in London you can explore the romantic trail, the east-end art trail or the City Lights evening trail, among many others.

So far HiddenCity offers tours in London, York, Manchester, Brighton and Newcastle, however they are constantly expanding their reach.

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