Friday, January 19, 2018
Our perfect christmas getaways

Our perfect christmas getaways

Are you spending the Christmas season permanently wrapped up in a Rudolf emblazoned jumper, chewing on a mince pie while you skirt around Christmas markets? Or is all this festivity turning you into a Scrooge as you wish for longer days and decidedly less ‘Jingle Bells’? Well we have chosen some of the best destinations for some festive, or not so festive, getaways!

Lapland, Finland

As winter wonderlands go, you can’t get more wintery nor more wonderful than Lapland. A place where the snow does indeed lay all around, deep and crisp and even. With opportunities to meet the great man in red himself, reindeer led sleighs, skiing and a chance to glimpse the Aurora Borealis it’s hard to beat in terms of winter enchantment. If there are young children in the family then this really is the place to go during the festive season.

Prague, Czech Republic

Christmas market in your town looking a bit tired? See it done properly, and on a grand scale, in Prague. Come December this beautiful city is filled to the brim with brightly lit market stalls offering a vast array of trinkets, gifts, food and drink. Combined with carol singers, nativity scenes and a huge Christmas tree this truly is a Christmas market done with panache. With enough to keep grandparents, parents and children entertained this is a great place for a family trip.

Sydney, Australia

Like Christmas but hate the cold? Fancy the idea of a barbeque instead of slaving away in front of a hot stove? Then it sounds like Christmas in Australia is for you! So although you might not be enjoying a white Christmas, with average daytime temperatures hovering around the mid twenty’s I don’t think you will be complaining. Who said that you can’t go surfing on Christmas Eve anyway?

Dubai, UAE

If you fancy skipping most of the festive feeling, but would still like to enjoy a full roast on Christmas day, then Dubai is the place you’ll want to be. Although Islam is the state religion of the UAE, with the number of expatriates in Dubai you can be sure to find some signs of christmas if you know where to look. Large shopping centres hold christmas events, and on christmas day you’ll be sure to find a christmas dinner being served in the large international hotels. However, If you want to skip it all you can head down to some of the historical souks or out into the desert and leave Christmas far behind.

Marrakesh, Morocco

If you want to completely escape Christmas then the beautiful city of Marrakech is a pretty good bet. In this predominantly muslim city December 25th passes just like any other day. Swap your carol singers for the bustle of street hawkers and your your mince pies for a beautifully spice tagine. In Marrakesh’s historic central square, the Jamaa el Fna, you’ll find all this and more in this amazing African getaway.

Will you be going away this christmas period? If so, where to? Do you prefer Christmas abroad or Christmas at home?

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