Friday, January 19, 2018
7 Top Tips to Keep Cool This Summer

7 Top Tips to Keep Cool This Summer

Bedroom Fan
Fans won’t cool down a hot room, but they will cool your body down if they are pointed directly at you. You may be told constantly that ‘they just push air around the room’, however a fan blowing air in your face WILL make a difference. Try sleeping with just a sheet instead of a duvet at night and pointing the fan at you – I promise it will make a difference.

Frozen Pillow
For something a bit unusual, try placing a small pillow in your freezer. Put it in a plastic bag first, so that ice crystals don’t form on the pillow, and then when it’s cooled right down, take it out and lie against it for a quick cooling effect.

Misting Fan
If a simple fan isn’t enough, why not buy a portable misting fan which will spray cool water in a refreshing mist that’s really effective. You can get them online for less than £10. You’ll really appreciate it on a hot day out in the city.

mint drink

Mint has a cooling effect and can calm you from the inside out. Try a refreshing mint-flavoured cordial with ice, or even some fresh mint tea. Hot beverages can actually make you feel cooler.

Spicy Food
Similar to a hot drink, spicy food can make you feel cooler too. Go for a hot curry or some spicy crisps, or even something like Thai curry, which will combine spice with cooling coconut milk. At the very least, a spicy meal will take your mind off the heat around you!

Sit Still and Hydrate
One of the most effective things you can do is sit still and keep drinking fluids. If you have to rush around at work or in the home, take a break every few minutes to just stand or sit still for 30 seconds. This will give your body the opportunity to cool down a little so you don’t overheat and stress yourself out.

Homemade Aircon
If you don’t have the facilities or money for full air conditioning, you can amuse yourself by creating your own! Make some ice and place it in some water next to your fan. Let the fan blow air right across the icy water towards you and you’ll instantly feel cooler. Don’t forget to keep topping up the ice!

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