Friday, January 19, 2018
Indulge in some musical nostalgia with these six web services

Indulge in some musical nostalgia with these six web services

Do you love the instant access to music that the internet provides, but miss the record shop atmosphere?, ‘America’s “Baby Boomer” Social Networking Community and Online Music Store’, is trying to get your business. They have just relaunched their website and app to provide daily nostalgic content and encourage discussion about music. The website is designed to allow you to search through 700,000 titles using the “jukebox” search function, and provides a “Nostalgia Corner” full of relevant original news and articles.

However, isn’t this a little limiting when there are so many wonderful ways to access music on the internet? The website promotes the fact that it offers everything ‘from Elvis to Elton’ ‘from The Monkees to Michael Jackson’, however I’m sure there are plenty of over 60s with wider taste, open to trying new music. Let’s have a look at some of the other options.

Spotify offers music from every genre from nostalgic classics to obscure alternatives. In fact, try setting up Spotify in a room full of over 60s and let everyone try to name a song that Spotify doesn’t have – you will be pleasantly surprised.

The speed of search and ease of use means you will constantly think of new songs to play and Spotify will even suggest things you hadn’t thought of. It’s a great way to discover new music and expand your tastes.

Spotify also has an app with all of the functions of the online service. You can get it free with ads, no ads for £4.99 or no ads and offline playlists for £9.99.

Rdio was launched last year in the UK and offers unlimited, ad-free streaming of over 18 million songs. Deezer is another that offers a similar service, but with more access to independent labels. Napster Unlimited has apps for Apple and Android and also offers offline playlist saving. All of these services are priced at a similar level to Spotify.

If you want something that will widen your musical awareness and suggest new things, LastFmis a good choice. It alerts you to music based on your listening habits and its service “The Scrobbler” tracks what you listen to on external programmes to make even more accurate suggestions.

If you are a radio addict, TuneIn is perfect for you. It allows you to access all radio stations online in one app, event obscure stations you may not have heard of, so you are bound to discover something new.

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