Friday, January 19, 2018
Alternative versions of your favourite family meals

Alternative versions of your favourite family meals

There are some family meals that everybody loves – staples that you cook over and over again for your family. But you might find yourself getting tired of these, so why not make some simple substitutions that will turn a normal meal into something spectacular.

By making very slight changes you can not only bring some excitement to the dinner table, you can also save time for yourself and make those hearty family favourite a little healthier.

Sweet Potato Shepherds Pie

Can’t face another mouthful of boring mashed potato? Replace your shepherds pie topping with some beautiful creamy sweet potato. Just boil your chopped sweet potatoes for 15 to 20 minutes and then drain and mash with milk or yoghurt, before covering you meat and baking. Sweet potatoes are so tasty you’ll barely need to season!

Sweet potatoes also contain fewer calories and more fibre and vitamins than normal potatoes, so you’ll get a fantastic nutrient boost from this alternative dish.

Feta Mac and Cheese

Macaroni and Cheese is delicious when you’re really hungry, but I can be a bit heavy – especially when you think about how much cheddar cheese you put in! Why not replace the cheddar with a far tastier cheese such as feta, or for the adults: blue cheese. Feta contains far fewer calories and less saturated fat than cheddar and because its flavour is so powerful, you don’t ened to add as much to make your mac and cheese taste wonderful. If you’re feeling adventurous, why not add some spinach for a real Greek flavour.

Alternative Bolognese

There’s no reason you have to use minced beef for your bolognese sauce. There are many other options that can often be far more flavourful. Try using a tin of tuna as a substitute for your mince – this will be quicker, cheaper and can bring your fussy kids round to the idea of eating more fish. Check out Jamie Oliver’s 15 minute crab bolognese, or try clams or prawns! If you prefer something more traditional, try substituting you beef mince for lean pork or turkey – the taste is more interesting and its lower in fat!

Puff Pastry Pizza

Everybody loves pizza, but when you’re in a hurry the prospect of making dough and waiting for it to rise is enough to put anyone off. But there’s one fantastically quick way to make a delicious pizza loaded with toppings with a delicious crsipy base. Just buy a roll of puff pastry, cut off a sheet, cover with fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, olives, oregano, drizzle with oil and and bake for 15 minutes. Your meal will taste exactly like your favouirte pizza, but with a foolproof puffy crispy base.

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