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What to look out for during the First World War Centenary

What to look out for during the First World War Centenary

It’s a busy year for First World War programmes and events and with every channel and organisation taking part in the commemoration of the centenary, it’s difficult to keep track.

It kicked off with the BBC rebroadcasting unseen interview footage from its landmark 1963 series The Great War in a programme called I Was There: the Great War Interviews. Also of note is The Crimson Field, a drama following medics treating injured soldiers in a hospital in France.

Jeremy Paxman presenting Britain's Great War

Jeremy Paxman presenting Britain’s Great War

There is also a variety of documentaries from different perspectives, including Sir Max Hasting’s The Necessary War and Jeremy Paxman’s Britain’s Great WarAnd don’t miss the plethora of Radio programmes focussing on the war. For more information about the BBC’s offerings, click here.

In terms of events, we have The Tank Museum’s Warhorse to Horsepower exhibition, The National Portrait Gallery’s The Great War in Portraits, and The Fashion Museum’s The Great War in Costume: Family & Fashion on the Home Front.

The biggest player is of course the Imperial War Museum, which has a range of centenary projects. They are offering a digital platform, Lives of the First World War, a new exhibition From Street to Trench: A World War that Shaped a Region and the brand new London galleries, whose construction will keep the museum closed until July 2014. The IWM is also holding the D-Day Anniversary Air Show on the 24th and 25th May, for which you can buy tickets here.

The D-Day Anniversary Air Show

The D-Day Anniversary Air Show

For events in your local area, check out the website and as there are many reading groups, talks, tours and workshops taking place all over the country.  The government and other agencies are also offering incentives and funding for your own First World War projects, including family history and battlefield visits.

Other interesting developments include the National Archives’ online release of 300,000 pages of British soldiers’ diaries, among other records, which can be accessed online. We’ve also seen some wonderful articles published, including the Independent’s series A History of the First World War in 100 Moments.

This is only the tip of the iceberg, so we will try to keep up with future announcements about upcoming events and programmes.

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