Friday, January 19, 2018


Alternative versions of your favourite family meals


There are some family meals that everybody loves – staples that you cook over and over again for your family. But you might find yourself getting tired of these, so why not make some simple substitutions that will turn a normal meal into something spectacular. By making very slight changes you ... Read More »

7 Top Tips to Keep Cool This Summer


If you don’t have the facilities or money for full air conditioning, you can amuse yourself by creating your own! Make some ice and place it in some water next to your fan. Let the fan blow air right across the icy water towards you and you’ll instantly feel cooler. Don’t forget to keep topping up the ice! Continue reading Read More »

Silver Sunday


We have fathers day and mothers day, but how about a day for those who need it most? As our population grows steadily older loneliness is becoming a real problem. Whether through lifestyle choice or as a result of unfortunate circumstances, more and more over 65’s are living alone. With ... Read More »

“You’re never too old to make friends” – Amen!

Helen King, creator of friendship site Together Friends talks to us about this exciting new venture, how it came about and why you’re never too old to make new friends! 1. Tell us a bit about yourself I am a 53 year old mother of three, living in Yorkshire.  The children ... Read More »

Interview: Lady Sally Grylls

Sally Grylls and Brian Daniels

We interview Lady Sally Grylls (mother to the adventurer Bear Grylls) on her work helping those with dementia, issues affecting over 50’s and the use of modern technology. When did you become involved with helping those with dementia? In 2012. I fell off my electric bike coming home from a party and needed ... Read More »

‘The most important technological development of our lifetime’


Blogger and nostalgia-enthusiast Alan Burnett discusses the positive influences that technology and the internet has had on his life as he gets older! 1. Tell us a bit about yourself (a mini bio!) I was one of those people lucky enough to grow up in a post-war world where there ... Read More »

Get Back Into Dating in 2014

2014 is in full swing. We are now only occasionally accidentally writing down the wrong year and it is high time that we started to tackle that list of things we said we would start ‘next year’. High on the list for a lot of people will be getting back into dating. SilverExplorers is here to gives you some ideas on how to get back on the dating scene. Continue reading Read More »

Try a supper club this Christmas

Since 2008, supper clubs have grown in popularity. These “clubs”, for those who don’t know, are essentially meals prepared and served and a host chef’s home; the diner makes payment in the form of a contribution, and usually brings their own drink. Some of them have now become very mainstream, ... Read More »

The latest tablet handwriting technology that just might change your life

Digital pens have been around for a long time, but only in the past few years have we seen any that work smoothly. There are two basic types. Two-piece models utilize a receiver clipped to the top of a piece of normal paper. As you write, the receiver detects pen ... Read More »

Unusual Christmas gift ideas we’re sure you haven’t thought of!

Why stick to the usual avenues for gift-buying this Christmas, when there are some websites out there where you can buy something truly unique. From personalised wine glasses and wooden spoons, to grow-your-own chilli kits, you can find something for every member of your family at these sites. And we’re ... Read More »