Friday, January 19, 2018


Don’t Leave Me Now Play Readings and Radio Appearance


We have some updates on Brian Daniels’ amazing play Don’t Leave Me Now which explores experiences of early-onset dementia. There are two more readings of the play taking place over the next two months, and we really recommend you go to one of them if you can. The play is ... Read More »

Chocolate, but without the guilt!

Cocoa Beans

Everyone loves a bit of chocolate now and again, but what if you could enjoy it without the guilt? Chocolate is made from the processed seeds of the fruit of the cacao tree. These seeds, or cocoa beans, are full of antioxidants and are said to have many health benefits from ... Read More »

‘The most important technological development of our lifetime’


Blogger and nostalgia-enthusiast Alan Burnett discusses the positive influences that technology and the internet has had on his life as he gets older! 1. Tell us a bit about yourself (a mini bio!) I was one of those people lucky enough to grow up in a post-war world where there ... Read More »

Could meditation help you beat anxiety and stress?


Meditation has been practised for thousands of years and long time practitioners of it have claimed its benefits from finding Nirvana to increasing happiness. My interest lies purely in the secular side of the practice - all I want to know is whether meditation can improve my life in some significant way. Continue reading Read More »

How to Stay out of the Cold when Exercising this Winter


Starting to feel the impact of all those “oh go on then” mince pies, those “seeing as it’s Christmas” chocolates and that fifth “well it’s New Year’s” glass of wine? Want to start getting active again but can’t quite face going out in that cold, wet gale that is otherwise referred to as ‘January’? SilverExplorers has the solution. Continue reading Read More »

Middle class drinking in focus: achieving moderation


In the last few weeks we’ve seen attention returning to the issue of drinking among the middle classes. Last year BBC1 broadcast Panorama: Britain's Hidden Alcoholics and a few weeks ago ITV had their own Tonight: Britain's Secret Drinkers. Continue reading Read More »