Friday, January 19, 2018


Don’t Leave Me Now Reading – 27/08/14

brian daniels

We are pleased to announce that the brilliant play Don’t Leave Me Now will be having another reading on Wednesday the 27th of August. Tickets are only £5 and are available from the box office at 02392 737 370. Full details are below.   NEW END THETRE BEYOND Presents   ... Read More »

Our favourite moments from the career of Robin Williams


So sad to hear of Robin Williams’ untimely death last week – it’s made us think back to some of his great performances of the last thirty years.  Born in Chicago in 1951, Williams began as a stand-up comedian and he continued to perform on stage throughout his career, despite reportedly ... Read More »

What to look out for during the First World War Centenary


It's a busy year for First World War programmes and events and with every channel and organisation taking part in the commemoration of the centenary, it's difficult to keep track. Continue reading Read More »

Indulge in some musical nostalgia with these six web services


Do you love the instant access to music that the internet provides, but miss the record shop atmosphere?, ‘America's "Baby Boomer" Social Networking Community and Online Music Store’, is trying to get your business. They have just relaunched their website and app to provide daily nostalgic content and encourage discussion about music. The website is designed to allow you to search through 700,000 titles using the “jukebox” search function, and provides a “Nostalgia Corner” full of relevant original news and articles. Continue reading Read More »

A new and unique way to explore a city


Visiting a new city for the first time can be a daunting experience. You’ve spent a lot of money getting there and you want to get the most out of your trip. You might only have a few days to see everything and of course you want to see the real city, but more often than not you fall into the same tourist traps that you would avoid at home. Continue reading Read More »

Books to Films & TV series – Imagination Captured or Destroyed?


There is undoubtedly a long-standing debate between all generations whether a film or television adaptation can ever be better than the original book. There appears to be an upcoming boom in the number of best sellers set to turn blockbuster in 2014. But is the first thing always necessarily the best thing? Continue reading Read More »

Xbox One – just for kids?


The Xbox One, the new video games console made by Microsoft, was released last week. Traditionally seen as just for children, modern day consoles have an increasing array of functionality that should make them of interest for everyone. Continue reading Read More »

5 inventive ways to keep your Christmas guests happy

We all know the feeling. You’re having the family over for Christmas - looking forward to a full house, children’s excitement, great food and drink and festive cheer. But as the date draws near you start thinking about the long gaps in between. What happens when the food’s been eaten, the presents are all open, and you’re left with a load of people, young and old, sitting around in your house with nothing to do. Continue reading Read More »