Friday, January 19, 2018

Brian Daniels

Don’t Leave Me Now


Inspired by two real stories, ‘Don’t Leave Me Now’ is a brilliant new play by Brian Daniels that explores with insight and humour the impact of early onset dementia on two very different families.

Professor Rachael Dixey, Professor of Health at Leeds Metropolitan University nursed her partner through dementia for seven years.  Cindy Toulman has visited her husband Chris in his care home every day for 10 years.  He is no longer able to communicate in any way but still she visits him every day.  The play was inspired by these two stories and Brian has woven the strands to create a documentary style play of the trials and tribulations of living with dementia in the family.

 brian daniels

Brian Daniels was Artistic Director of the New End Theatre, Hampstead between 1997 and 2011.  During that time Brian produced more than 200 new plays, mostly World of UK premieres.  He has worked with many writers and performers including Steven Berkoff, Maureen Lipman, Elaine Stritch, Richard Dreyfuss, Susannah York, Prunella Scales, Fenella Fielding, Paula Wilcox and Jerry Hall.  As a playwright he has written ‘Where’s Your Mama Gone’, ‘A Big Day for the Goldbergs’ and ‘Don’t Leave Me Now’.  He has also adapted the award winning play ‘The Good and the True’ which received its New York premiere in January 2014 and is in negotiation for an off-Broadway production early 2015.

SilverExplorers is supporting ‘Don’t Leave Me Now’ to help improve awareness of Alzheimers and Dementia in our community. For updates about the play, upcoming news and interviews, visit our dedicated group here.

For associated events, please see our events page.

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